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Promotake2 – About us

We are a team of experts in our field consisting over 40 globally formed and vetted online developers for specific projects in high end production spreading across a wide spectrum from Commercial to the Private sector, providing the smaller businesses at competitive rates. All made possible by our online presence while cutting the usual costs of premises and other bills that normally come into pricing the client… Often upto 50% of the average costs of production goes to the buyer from above mentioned resources. Because of this we are able to cut costs and make high end production available  to everyone…

All our Promo’s are accompanied with music as standard but you can also choose from a long list of world class voice-overs from male and female of many accents and languages, whether you choose from one of our ready made Promo’s for editing to  your specifications or starting from scratch… We are here to help you attain your goal!…

Our mission is to set a new standard so as to challenge the unnecessary costs and in the process help make your business grow and become globally and instantly competitive…

Promotake2 puts the power of advertising in your hands and in line with the best competitors. With Promotake2, you can have professional videos regardless of budget or skills. We help businesses and professionals stand out from the rest by creating promotional Promo’s for their products, services, ideas, events, and everything in between.

You provide the photos, videos, along with a detailed script and we will provide you with a professional promo as the perfect marketing tool for your project…

So, whether you want to create a business video to boost audience engagement, promote your next big event, send a greeting or a message of love to that someone special.  Maybe you just want to tell your story. With Promotake2 by your side, you can achieve all this in no time, just say the word, and it is done.

Not only are our promos effective from start to finish. With Promotake2, you’re guaranteed high quality that is ready to be used for publishing, making it possible for you to share, promote and impress your audience instantly!

With the launch of Promotake2 we provide our newly subscribed customers with an unprecedented amount of ideas to make consistently beautiful videos for professional and personal use, you might want to join in the excitement as there are countless goodies for your projects by choosing us.

With a growing collection of services and tools. A strong creative team, we’re going to change the way businesses promote online and guess what! We’re starting with you!… So, why not get in touch today and give your business an extra push.

Reasons To Create An Animated Promo For Your Event.

Do it with a Promo!

Advertising is key to making your presence known and with the ever-growing vast number of media platforms the world is truly your oyster for reaching thousands instantly. In fact we now have at our disposal an advertising platform where we can reach our desired audience of choice and so it is vital  to make an everlasting first impression.

Promotake2 was formed with this concept in mind. It has been on the agenda for several years now, choosing from among the best we finally came together to make this a reality for 2019.



Benefits Of Animated Promos

Benefits Of Animated Video Promos

  1. They Are A Lot More Visual.

One of the best reasons to go for an animated video promo is because it is more visual, thereby making it better for media production. The visuals on an animated video would appeal a lot more to the senses, plus they are a very effective way of getting your message across.

To the human brain, over 90% of information stored properly are visuals and compared to texts, they are processed a lot faster.

  1. They Are Psychologically Appealing.

Children are very keen on video representations and this is why they prefer watching cartoons that reading books. This is because these animations are fun as well as engaging. They are colorful as well, which is a good way to draw attention to information. Using them for baby promotions and so on is usually the best idea.

  1. They Are Cost Effective.

Video production costs well into the thousands, mainly created for commercial use costing a lot more money than animated videos. Live-action videos are a lot more expensive due to budgets and production costs.  Animated videos instead tend to be a lot cheaper and within budget. We at promotake2 have teamed up with some of the best production and animated artists from around the globe in with a view tp change all this and bring high end video production to an affordable price… 

  1. They Can Be Easily Updated.

You don’t want something that takes forever to update and that is why you need to make use of animated video promos. It is usually less challenging in updating, unlike a video promo which is a lot more difficult and challenging.

  1. They Are Fun.

If you need a baby promos video or one for your presentation as well as other things, you need one that is fun as well as catchy. You don’t need something boring and dull because it might be defeating the whole purpose. That being said, the use of video animation for baby promos are very much advisable.

  1. They Can Be Tailored.

That’s right, you can get whatever video you wish to fit whatever it is you want to present or promote. Animated videos give you more room for flexibility and because they are easier to update, it’s a double win. You can easily go back and edit it to fit a certain purpose. This is why they are one of the best ways to promote.


If you are looking for a way to get your message across, you need something to fit the description perfectly. Things such as setting an  Event,  Birthdays or Christmas theme would look great on creatively animated Promo’s.

In cases you need something wonderful to display all your special occasions as well as family photos, friends, parties, memories and so on, the use of colorful and animated Promo’s would grant you the satisfaction necessary for reaching that end.

Why not visit us today at https://promotake2.com For the best video promotions and make your dreams a reality at a cost that was only ever affordable for commercial purposes Until Now!