Blondie Bloggers “absence apology” /Official site launch update!!

Blondie Bloggers “absence apology” /Official site launch update!!

Hi guys!!
I hope you are all keeping well!  It is great to be back in time for our site launch!  I have been unwell with a nasty viral infection the past week or so but I am happy to say that after much medication,countless re-runs of daytime television,bed rest and feeling sorry for myself I am now on the mend!  Thank you so much for all the lovely messages and kind words from some of my lovely followers on our various social media platforms. I would also like to thank my amazing Promotake2  colleagues  for the calls/messages of concern and not to mention keeping me in the loop of all the new ideas explored and developments made  during my absence! It is fascinating to see the amount of progress that our extremely talented “dream team” can make in just one  week  but  I personally know the endless  hours of dedication and commitment each one of them put in to developing Promotake2 into an advertising platform unlike any other before! Many nights working from dusk to dawn….along with many cups of coffee to stay awake! J  At Promotake2, we don’t see this as a job…it is truly our passion!  As a final note, I would like to extend the biggest  thanks to a good friend and insanely talented  team member for the beautiful  and unique “Get well soon” promo video card he designed and sent to me from the whole team-it definitely made me smile!
I am delighted  to be back where I belong  just  in time for the most exciting event for us here at Promotake2  to date! That’s right!! The moment we have waited for is almost here! I am super excited to announce that our official Site launch will be taking place in the next week!!!
We have found that working with a highly skilled, world class team comes with its own set of challenges. One of which being……we are all perfectionists!  Since we boast such a dedicated, tight knit team it was always agreed that we would only officially launch Promotake2 when all team members felt  one hundred percent confident and satisfied in their respective roles which they will play in the services we offer to the public. It was at during a video conference earlier tonight that we all agreed we are now ready to launch the site and continue to grow and develop  so that we can constantly expand the services which we can offer our customers! I was so excited that I had to come and share said news with you all straight away!!!  We really hope you will continue to follow us and join on this exciting journey because the satisfaction of  you (our customers) will always be paramount to us!!  Please remember to  Subscribe for free to for information of new services we offer and for all our one off launch and seasonal promotions!  Also, follow us on facebook and  like/share  our business page for upcoming launch giveaways and  competitions!
Thank you for all the continued support! I am super excited to embark on this new journey and hope you will all join me! Chat soon!
The Blondie Blogger! xx

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  • pluto Reply

    Great To see you back 🙂

    December 6, 2019 at 1:40 am
    • Blondie Blogger Reply

      Thank you…and what a week to be back!!!?! Such exciting times ahead for our amazing team! xxx

      December 6, 2019 at 1:50 am

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