Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!


Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday Blondie Blogger! Happy Birthday to me!!

Well, in case you haven’t guessed….it’s my Birthday today! I just want to take time out to thank all my followers across social media for the kind wishes! I also want to thank my colleagues for the wonderful and hilarious video promo Birthday message!

It’s been such a busy few weeks and I for one am not sorry to see the back of January…it’s a month that seems to last forever!! Thankfully, January is over and its finally February-the month where the days begin to get that bit longer and of course it’s the month of Love with Valentine’s Day in 2 weeks!! Although some may consider Valentines Day as yet another money making gimmick, it is undoubtedly a popular occasion…….especially  amongst  young ,unmarried or newly married couples!

I have also noticed in recent years that Valentines day has become increasing popular amongst even single people who may want to send an expression of love to a close family member, friend or even…….pet!! My sister ,for example has supplied her pet cat with extra special treats and toys along with a Valentines Day card the past 6 years! AND YES….she remains single! lol

It has been Valentines  Day preparations which has had me busy with Promotake2 the last few weeks as we have been collectively working to obtain the perfect “loved up” promo video messages for our customers! Check out some of our existing Valentines templates on www.promotake2.com or speak with a team member if you are considering having your own idea designed!

Although February may be considered as the month of love, it is important to remember that love is not only restricted to those in a relationship. Many people are practicing or developing “self love” . Whether that is due to personal issues, a previous bad relationship or just for personal development! It’s important to remember that love comes in many different  guises so it is not essential to be “in a relationship” to celebrate love!  A good friend of mine for example has been single for a number of years after silently  suffering in an abusive relationship for some time and when we ask her why she hasn’t moved on yet her reply is simply “ I would rather be happy and single than miserable and with the wrong person”. She certainly is happy and not short of love from family and friends so it is true that being in a relationship doesn’t always guarantee happiness and love nor does being single equate to being unhappy and unloved! We are all different…..with different backgrounds and experiences so it’s important to remember that love is a blessing and should be honoured no matter what its source!

So….whether you have found the love of your life, are happily dating, single or whatever your story always remember to show yourself some love and be kind to yourself and the people who love you!

Now, I must say goodbye for now and have a well  deserved  Birthday  glass of wine with some of my amazing work colleagues who I love and am blessed with! Thanks again for the Birthday greetings !

Chat soon!


The Blondie Blogger! xxx



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