The Blondie Blogger-life and interests…Let’s get personal!

The Blondie Blogger-life and interests…Let’s get personal!

Hi Guys, The Blondie Blogger here! I hope you are all well and 2020 has been kind so far! With 2020 upon  us and as we enter another year in the growth of Promotake2  I have decided to explore some Search Engine Optimization and site development and in doing so  I thought it is about time I spoke to you all on a more personal level about the life and interests of  The Blondie Blogger!

My name is Katie Dawson…otherwise known as The Blondie Blogger  and I was born and raised in Miami Florida. From a young age I showed a keen interest in writing but didn’t start to properly explore this passion until my early 20’s.

As a child I was introduced to stage school and so spent much time partaking in shows and competitions for singing, dancing and acting. These would have been my earliest passions passed on to me from my parents who also had said talents .I have starred in many shows,musicals and plays ranging from an amateur to professiona level.

When I was 16, (much to my parent’s disapproval) I was approached by a modelling agency who offered me some work and like any impressionable young girl I was delighted!  As a mother now myself I can see the worries my parents faced at the time but fashion, image and glamour played a huge part in my life as a teen! I persued a successful modelling career although I faced some health barriers along the way! Trying to meet with the media standards of “perfection” left me dangerously underweight and I faced a long recovery  to a healthy bodyweight! Thankfully through the power of prayer, some hard work and the love and support network of family and friends I went on to make a full recovery and volunteered with support groups set up especially to help young people in a similar position. I have written many articles about the fashion industry and eating disorders which I hope helped some people along the way!

Although I always had a passion for creative writing, it was after my own personal struggle that I really persued it! I began by writing personal blogs which would be for my eyes only to document my recovery. After this I went on to write about other things that interest me such as music,movies,theatre etc.  I will never see blogging/writing as a job because it is something I thoroughly enjoy doing! I have always been a “people person”! I love to talk and meet new people. We are all so different and unique and it fascinates me to learn about peoples personal journeys through life! This is what I love about Promotake2! The team are all very different as people with very different life stories,backgrounds and ideas but we do share one thing…..a passion to succeed! We each are blessed with very different talents that we have combined to offer a service which we hope will help other people obtain their goal!

I, “The Blondie Blogger” am just an average woman in her 30’s, persuing a lifelong writing passion! I have many hobbies…I love most types of music!For example, I  am currently listening to Camila Cabello’s new album “ Romance”  as  I work but my music listening choice differs depending on my mood! I love dancing,socialising and all things girly! My friends would describe me as a dreamer who believes in fairytale endings and seeks “happily ever after”. I have 2 beautiful children (which I am blessed with against the odds due to my health history) ,amazing  family and friends! I thank God daily for all my blessings and pray for those less fortunate such as all who are currently affected by the Australian bushfires! It is so nice to see all the various fundraisers in place such as a planned bushfire relief concert featuring Olivia Newton-John, Queen, Alice Cooper, Daryl Braithwaite and many more artists who have come together to perform at Sydney’s ANZ  Stadium on February 16th ! With such tragedies happening in the world I like to take time out when I think I am having a bad day/week to thank God for my blessings!

I have enjoyed giving you all just a small insight into “The girl behind the Blondie Blogger” and I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about me! Please continue to follow and get to know  me on this exciting journey I have begun with the amazing  Promotake2  while I give you updates on all the new developments and additional services we offer. We are constantly growing and improving our services and we encourage all your ideas, feedback and support along the way! I will check back in with you all again soon! In the meantime, dont forget to check out

Have a lovely week! Lots of love,

The Blondie Blogger! xxx

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