Video Christmas greeting cards

  Video Christmas greeting cards

Hi guys!! I hope you are all well! Today I want to talk about the benefits of video christmas greeting cards!

Its so hard to believe its nearing mid November already which means  we are only weeks away from Christmas!  Many people have already begun the home decorating and gift buying process although I personally am guilty of leaving that until the last minute! I have often found myself wrapping gifts and writing Greeting cards with just days left until Christmas which often causes some  festive  detail being overlooked or forgotten and a last minute panic to get to the store in the nightmare Christmas traffic!!

In general, we spend hours writing Greeting cards (which are more often than not discarded after the festive season ) We compose lists of family and friends to be acknowleded, search for postal addresses, shop  for appropriate greeting cards,  spend extra on postage costs  AND  not to mention the “writer’s cramp” after composing dozens  of written messages  to loved ones!

This Christmas however I have decided to be clever and take advantage of one of the many services we here at Promotake2 offer which will help ensure I am more organised for the festive season  and that  no one gets left out!! Instead of the time consuming task of writing endless cards I have decided to use a promo video that will be designed by one of our Promotake2  team members  which I can send to all my loved ones at the click of a button!   Its so simple and convenient !  No postage expense, no writer’s cramp and no wasted hours which could be spent enjoying the festivities with friends!  My loved ones will receive a  beautifully designed, personalised ,low cost  promo video that can be sent to as many people as I desire in a matter of seconds no more effort than a click of a button yet far more sentiment and thought than I could express in an average Christmas card!

You too can follow my lead and choose from one of our magical Christmas card promo templates to have personalised with your own pictures and messages. Alternatively, as  with all our promos u can speak with a member of our team who would be happy to work with you to make your own specific Christmas card promo idea a reality!

If  you, like myself  want to take some of the stress out of Christmas preparation or are sending a special  Greeting card for the many yearly occasions ( Birthdays, St. Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Easter  etc)  then why not make it extra special and memorable with a  promo video  greeting card?  Visit our site to browse the many greeting card templates we already offer and check back in with us in the coming weeks for more Christmas card promo options! The only limit is your imagination! You dream it…we’ll  create it!

Whether you are super organised or waiting until nearer the time, we hope you enjoy the Christmas preparations! It’s a truly magical  time of the year especially for those with young children! Although my own children have changed their gift list at least 5 times already!

We are super excited to be gift wrapping Promotake to share with you all very soon in our upcoming launch!  Don’t forget to subscribe for free to be kept up to date of our launch along with our wonderful offers and ever developing services! Also…feel free to gift your family and friends the knowledge of this wonderful  video promo advertising site! Its only the beginning for and we are looking forward to receiving your input in our development along the way!

Happy Christmas preparations!

Speak soon,

The blondie blogger!  xx

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