Wedding package promos

Wedding package promos

Hi all!  The blondie Blogger here! I hope you are all looking forward to the official launch of  Promotake2  which is imminent and we are so so excited!  Our team have truly been working day and night to ensure no stone is left unturned in providing you with the best service possible! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE if you have not already done so for first pick of all our new promos and offers!

Today I want to talk to you about the various Wedding promos we offer along with the tailor made Wedding packages which we can make to order!

Anyone who has been through the huge and often highly stressful task of planning a Wedding or indeed anyone who is currently undergoing said task will know that although an enjoyable and exciting time it can also prove very stressful and expensive!!  In every area of planning you are met with expense leaving you overwhelmed and not to mention-over your set  budget!! However, what if we told you that we could help you eliminate the financial burden in the area of Wedding stationary by offering totally unique wedding day/evening Invitation promo videos , Save the date messages, Post Wedding acknowledgements  and Wedding “special moment” videos all done in completely unique promo videos  that can reach your guests at the click of a button in seconds without added postage cost and the excessive cost associated with Wedding stationary printing!  You can choose any of the above or contact us for a special Wedding package quote which will include  1) A customised Save the date promo, 2) A Wedding Day/evening  invitation promo, 3) Post Wedding acknowledgements & thank you  promo  4)A Wedding” Special moments” promo video to send to family and friends to cherish forever. Alternatively you can speak with a member of our team for a quote if you wish to pick and choose 2 or more of the above options.

Here at Promotake2 our customer satisfaction will always come first! That being said, we realise the importance of your special event… none more so than your Wedding day! We pride ourselves on our high quality work. You can pick and choose from our ready made templates which come with music  as standard  and the option of a world class voiceover  artist at an extra cost or contact us with your own ideas and our team will get to work on making your vision into the fairytale you always dreamed of!

We really can make your wedding correspondence that simple at a fraction of the overall cost associated with Wedding stationary by offering this all new, current  and unique way of announcing your upcoming  big day  in promo videos  that are bound to impress your guests and reach them in seconds with the click of a button!

This ingenius idea came about while some of our creative team members where having a video conference meeting about how to maximise the services we can offer  the public for both business and personal sector. Our colleague was in the process of helping to plan a family wedding and while brainstorming she came up with the idea of Wedding promo packages speaking of how much money,time and stress this service would have saved her from a personal experience if it had been available at the time. We decided to research the costs of Wedding stationary printing, postage etc and decided to explore this venture. In doing so we have  truly learned that video promo Wedding  announcements  really are the way of the future from both a financial and time saving  perspective. Its  practical yet unique and personal!

In conclusion, if you are planning your big day or helping someone special do so firstly I would like to congratulate you and wish you every happiness from myself, the blondie blogger  and all our team here at promotake2! Also we would be delighted to work with you to create the perfect Wedding  promo package to wow your guests and  help you  to make the day extra special while saving you money which might go towards that dream dress or venue??!

If you know of anyone planning a big event (be it a Wedding or otherwise) then please feel  free to share this article and also tell all your friends and family to subscribe free  to promotake2 for first pick of  all new promos and offers!

Looking forward to speaking to you all again soon! Remember…u dream it and we will create it! J

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