Why should I advertise / showcase with an animated promo?

Why should I advertise / showcase with an animated promo?

Hi, I am the Blondie Blogger and proud to be a member of the all new, highly skilled and exciting Promotake2 team!!

Are you planning a big event?? (Wedding/Birthday party/ Corporate gathering etc)  Maybe you are starting a new business and looking to make the best first impression possible?? Perhaps you are just looking for a timeless way to record special moments in a keepsake that will last through the years?? Living in an age whereby the majority of life is lived online it makes sense to advertise/showcase online so weather your goal be promoting a new business venture, recording special moments or even announcing a special event to family and friends –online is the way to get noticed and get your point across!!!

Advertising methods can really make or break a company-you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Many methods of advertising products and services  have become boring and over used! This concept also stands for weddings/ party invitations…. In a world that almost everyone has smart phones and internet access it makes perfect sense-both practically and financially  to showcase or advertise with a custom made video promo which can reach your targeted audience in a matter of seconds! Not to mention that animated /video content is far more memorable and eye catching!

What exactly are the benefits of animated/video promos??

I could speak all day about the various benefits of using an animated video promo to advertise /showcase from both  professional and personal  experience but I will list below just a few of the endless benefits.

Its kinder on the pocket!

*If you are starting up/maintaining  a business you will be aware of the many expenses involved so why let advertising add to this strain when it can be done at a much lower cost than most methods in a way that can reach thousands  within minutes?!

*If showcasing an event such as a party or wedding- by choosing to use  video animation promos you are cutting out cost of  printing companies (which can prove costly) along with postage costs etc!!!

Easy on the eye!

*Video animation content  is more memorable/attractive than other methods of  showcasing! A promo can be tailor made to grab the attention of any targeted audience!!

Move with the times!

*The ever growing  internet plays a huge part in the majority of peoples every day lives and so it makes sense to advertise/showcase in a way that can be accessed easily online!

 Time is money!!

*This old saying is actually true!! Why wait to get yourself out there when you can advertise and promote with the click of a button-be it through text, e-mail or the ever growing networks of social media and therefore have your content accessed immediately on smart phone or computer!!!

The pro’s of  video animation promos are endless in my personal opinion and above are to name just a few! It’s a whole new and improved generation of advertising and showcasing and I am so excited to see where its  going to go!!! If  you are considering advertising or showcasing  with a  video promo why not visit our site and chat with one of our highly skilled team about making the perfect promo for your needs ? I can promise that you wont be disappointed with the end result or the very reasonable prices!!……if you can dream it then we can create it!!

I will be giving you weekly updates on whats happening  with us here at  Promotake2  and all our new and exciting offers  so don’t forget to check back in and come on this journey with us!! In the meantime, tell your friends to check out our site https://promotake2.com

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  • The Blondie Blogger Reply

    Hi Marina!
    Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and reading through my 1st blog entry! We appreciate constructive feedback along the way because our aim is to continue to improve/grow as a business and by doing so we hope to meet all our customers needs (be that for business or personal project purposes)
    As it stands we are at the beginning of this exciting journey and the more feedback we get the more we can add to the ample services we already offer.
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support. Remember to check back with our site/blog for new offers and of course updates of our development.
    Many thanks,
    The Blondie Blogger 🙂

    October 7, 2019 at 1:38 pm
  • Marina Donnelly Reply

    This is a very clever article highlighting the benefits of video promo advertising perfectly. It definately seems like the way of the future. As a business owner myself I know that finding the right method of promotion is paramount! Social media based advertising is definately the way to go! Wishing all at Promotake2 the best of luck and looking forward to following your journey and updates from the Blondie Blogger.

    October 6, 2019 at 10:57 pm

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